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Counseling Services

Everyone has the potential and strength that is unique in some way from others. Everyone has the right to explore this universe through his inner self to the extent he or she can.
You can discover your inner strength through counseling support at AstroSatva Counseling Services. Our Counseling Sessions help in case you are emotionally stressed, or feel low due to anxiety, or are unable to face challenges at home or work.
Our Counseling Sessions are for everyone be it a Student, would be couples, Married couples, Children, Business partners and are totally focused on YOU.
 Following are a few areas where Counseling helps to a large extent:
 1. Relationship Conflicts (Husband-Wife/ Female Members in the Family/ Father-Son/ Business Partners/ Brother-Brother and the list goes on...)
 2. Pre-Marriage Counseling
 3. Matrimonial Problems
 4. Avoiding Divorce through Counseling
 5. Depression
 7. Family issues
The list is not exhaustive and there are several other areas of life where one may need professional help in understanding the issues and finding solutions.

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