Health (Medical Astrology)

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From the sixth house we identify the aspects of litigation, diseases and debts amongst other things. Fortunate persons having "divine grace" make use of astrological advice to solve various life problems. Amongst all other problems, the problem of health is the one which affects a person both physically and mentally. The physical and mental disability or disturbance (temporarily or in a chronic way) touches each and every aspect of life to the disadvantage of the native. The medical diagnosis, preventive or actual, have become very complicated today in totally polluted environment. In contrast to the medical science, Vedic Astrology offers human beings the advantage of knowledge of diseases from which a native may suffer during the course of his/her life.

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Again in contrast to the medical sciences it is Vedic Astrology which not only forewarns the native for the impending diseases but also helps in avoiding the same completely or partially by adopting suitable astral remedies, food habits, etc.

How to diagnose diseases is the question which comes up next. The houses which are weak or afflicted or the planets which are weak or afflicted give diseases connected with the significations ruled by them. This is the golden principle which provides us the key to diagnosing the health problems and suggesting possible remedies.

Whether the diseases would be temporary/permanent is revealed by the planets which are causing afflictions. In case of natal afflictions with longer main periods like Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Mercury and Jupiter, the sufferings persist for a long time. In case of transit afflictions and natal afflictions by fast moving planets like the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Ketu, relief is indicated comparatively earlier.


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