Foreign Travel and Settlement

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With the advent of the fast means of transportation, the world has become so compact and the distances have been reduced to such an extent that one can go across the world in a couple of days and with complete comforts. As a result, large number of persons have become interested in foreign visits/residence for variety of reasons like for pursuing higher education, business, diplomatic assignments, pleasure trips, etc. The classical text and commentaries mention a few planetary combinations in this respect.

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Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra indicates foreign visits/residences during the main/sub-periods of the lord of the tenth house. That way, the lord of the tenth house in a particular nativity whenever associated with the fourth house in strength, gives journeys/residences to/in foreign countries. Sarvarath Chintamani connects the seventh house and the ninth house with foreign travel. The strong lord of the eighth house, ruling overseas journeys and inheritance/easy gains, gives income from foreign lands when connected with the houses ruling income and professional matters.

The tenth, seventh, ninth and twelfth houses rule foreign travel and residence. The lord of the tenth house connected with the tenth or twelfth house also indicates journey to foreign/distant lands. The profitability of stay/visits in a foreign country depends on the strength of the significators involved. Rahu's connection with houses connected with foreign journeys/residence or with the fourth house which rules native place also indicates foreign journeys. During ancient times, however, even states in south, east and west India, were treated as foreign places for northern Indian states as these were under different kings and had altogether different sets of cultures.


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