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Today, the fast pace of life does not allow you time for experimentation. Every minute is valuable. So, why not take the benefit of the competence of the divine science of astrology. Brilliance, good operating planetary period, good organizing capability, imagination, team work, trustworthiness and capacity to develop and trust others, alertness, good health and leading capabilities are the positive personality traits required for success in one's professional life.

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The first step in preventing setbacks in professional matters is to guide children to choose the right profession. In this competitive age when all professions are undergoing tremendous changes due to technological advancements in information and communication technologies choosing the right profession becomes imperative. The educational background of the person is the basis for one’s professional pursuits and success. It is true that predicting the professional prospects of a native is quite a tricky job and is one of the most sought after fields in predictive astrology. Numerous branches of knowledge and professional courses and their magnitude are the areas which have charged the atmosphere. It is quite difficult for the parents to identify the correct professional field of study or business which should be most suitable from the point of view of a successful career and also as per the potentialities in the horoscopes.

The success of acquisition of professional course and career depend upon the strength of the prime determinant planets in the birth chart. The setbacks in academic studies, professional studies and professional matters or business ventures can be averted through preventive astrological analysis of the birth chart and by application of astrological remedial measures. There are a number of factors that help us in arriving at a decision on this vital issue. These are the fourth house ruling school education, second house ruling professional education and status, the third house ruling the initiative and drive, the fifth house ruling intellect and higher or professional education. The lords of the tenth house governing profession and the eleventh house signifying income also have a bearing on educational matters. The impact of lord of the third house or that of the third house determines whether the native will do well in a job or whether the native will go in for one’s own business venture.

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The professional prospects of a person are ruled by the interplay of planets becoming primary, additional and secondary determinants of professional matters, their placement in a house/sign, their strength, the influence of other planets over them and the operating planetary periods. Predicting profession, a person is likely to take up and succeed, is quite a complex job and it is one of the most sought after fields in predictive Vedic Astrology. Numerous professional areas, a highly competitive environment; be it in business, service, profession, politics, etc., and its magnitude are the various aspects which have charged the atmosphere making it quite difficult for the decision makers to identify one which would be most suitable from the point of view of success and also the potentialities of the seekers.

There are number of factors which help us in arriving at a decision on this vital issue, viz. the nature of sign falling in the ascendant, tenth house governing profession, second house ruling the status, the impact of the third house which rules enterprising nature, the eleventh house signifying income and the ascendant of dasamsa (the divisional chart for analysis of professional matters) of a native. All of the foregoing factors collectively govern the magnitude of the professional matters. The sign of a royal planet like the Sun, the Moon or affluent planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars, etc. indicate the level of affluence of the profession of a native and the income, there from. The lords of the second, third and ninth houses, if containing mooltrikona signs, also act as the Sun. The strength of the lords of these signs and the operating planetary periods hold the key to decipher the planetary influences. Similarly, the nature of planets becoming significators for profession and the planets exerting close influence on the houses ruling professional matters is necessary.

Getting the horoscope analyzed from professional astrologers help in finalizing the professional path forward.


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