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Detailed Consultation

  • How the planets are operating in your chart.
  • Which planets are functional benefics/ functional malefics.
  • What the operating period is now and how long it will last.
  • Which transiting planets are influencing your present state.
  • How long the current transit impact will last.
  • Astral remedies to strengthen the benefic planets.
  • Astral remedies to reduce the impact of malefic planets.

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Analysis of horoscopes of male-female for marriage compatibility/ Relationship and Love-Life.

Please note that this compatibility analysis is different from computerized match making. This compatibility analysis is done manually by looking at the planetary positions of both - male and female with respect to their marital life aspect.

Compatibility Analysis for Business Partnership.

Electing Auspicious Time for important events (Muhurat): Any activity started during an auspicious time gets the desired results. Therefore, all such activities shall be started during an auspicious time only to save money, time, efforts and get success. Examples of such significant activities which must be commenced/ started during auspicious Muhurats are the following:

  • Grah Pravesh (House-Warming Ceremony)
  • Naamkaran Sanskaar (Naming Ceremonies)
  • Vidyaarambh Sanskaar (Initiation into Learning)
  • Mundan Sanskaar
  • Bhoomi-Pooja (Land-worship Ceremonies)
  • House Construction Ceremonies/ Starting the new construction
  • Commencement of Surgeries
  • Elective Caesarean Birth
  • Birth of Organisations and Companies
  • Starting any new business/ partnership
  • Joining a new job
  • Buying a new/ used vehicle
  • Buying a house
  • Important examinations and interviews

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Analysis for Health based on Medical Astrology principles: Here we will provide you the analysis of the health matters. This is very useful for applying preventive and curative health measures.

Analysis for Career/ Job/ Business: Here we will provide you the analysis of the Career and Job/ Business matters. Not getting enough promotions or expected salary or not getting a job at all? Don't getting success in your business? Don't get depressed and get your horoscope analyzed for career related strengths/ weaknesses and get benefited with the help of astral remedies.

Analysis for Developing Leadership or Sharpening Memory Power: In today's world of competitions one can get success only if he is good in his area of work. Sharp memory and good leadership skills are the key to become successful in life. If the significator planets for these are weak and/ or under some malefic influence, they will keep the success away from the person. Horoscope analysis is done to point out such weaknesses and astral remedies are given to solve such issues.

Year Ahead Report 2017

Astrological analysis and 2017 predictions for all aspects of your life are provided in this detailed report.

2017 Astrology Report is a personalized annual report that covers the next twelve months of your life and events that will take place during this time. Astrological analysis and 2017 predictions for all aspects of your life are provided in this detailed report. Kindly specify your areas of concern in life with relevant details, so we can provide you a more accurate report. Find out what`s in store in the months ahead and avoid problems. Improve your future and achieve success in the year 2017 ahead. Get personalised 2017 Astrology Report for the coming Year.


Indian Clients

Online Consultation: 3100 only per horoscope.

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Overseas Clients

Online Consultation: $ 101 only per horoscope.

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