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We at AstroSatva Counseling Services provide astrology consultation services, make horoscopes, match horoscopes for marriages, suggest astral remedies. We also provide NLP Counseling sessions to resolve issues like Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Phobia, Psychosomatic diseases, Uncontrolled habits, Addiction, Auto-Immune Diseases, Allergies, Relationship & Break-up issues, enhance confidence/ memory for peak performance etc.

We pay great attention to the quality of our counseling services. You can find detailed information about our services online or contact us for help.

AstroSatva is distinctively ahead of others providing above mentioned services. We are unique from others when it comes to providing best counseling and astrology advise. Where other people will provide one time recommendations based on your horoscope or for your life-problems, we at AstroSatva keep your profile live with us that gets reviewed on every major planetary move and periodically we take follow-up with you. Accordingly appropriate guidance is sent to you on a regular basis. This makes us unique in this arena of counseling services.

Our Counseling Services help families, couples, business partners, politicians, students, athletes and individuals to lead a happy life.

About Aman Deep Saini

Aman Deep Saini is a well-known NLP Master Practitioner, Wellness Coach & Memory Trainer, and Astrologer. He has vast knowledge of Practical NLP, Wellness & Memory Techniques and Astrology. He helps various students with his best and practical, easy to implement memory techniques.

He keeps on studying more in the area of counseling, wellness, life skills and astrology. He helps people with his knowledge and experience. By profession he is an IT Professional and has vast experience in various fields of IT (more than two decades). He has developed several technology based solutions focusing NLP counseling services and astrology that gives him a cutting edge in today's world to serve his clients in a better way. Be it the use of computers, mobile devices, latest software programs for precise calculations or self-developed calculative programs in different computer languages - he uses technology to its great extent to achieve high level of precision in forecasting future events, implement NLP techniques, develop tools for students to enhance memory skills.