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We at AstroSatva Counseling Services provide astrology consultation services, make horoscopes, match horoscopes for marriages, suggest astral remedies. We also provide NLP Counseling sessions to resolve issues like Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Phobia, Psychosomatic diseases, Uncontrolled habits, Addiction, Auto-Immune Diseases, Allergies, Relationship & Break-up issues, enhance confidence/ memory for peak performance etc.

We pay great attention to the quality of our counseling services. You can find detailed information about our services online or contact us for help.

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Remedies for Your Life Problems

What kind of day will it be for you today? Use your free horoscope to plan your day, every day - instantly!

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Everyone has the potential and strength that is unique in some way from others.

Vedic Astrology

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The system of astrology in practice in India for centuries is known as Vedic Astrology. This is also known as Indian Astrology or Indian Vedic Astrology or Hindu Astrology. Vedic Astrology explains in detail the planetary movements and positions of planets with respect to day...

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Horoscope Charts

The first step in predicting one’s future starts with preparing a natal chart which is also called a horoscope chart.

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Numerology is a way of finding, through mathematics, the energies we are working with in this lifetime.

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Astrology Remedial Solutions

Astrology is a tool to identify karmic doshas in one's horoscopes and provides remedies to solve problems in our life on account of doshas. It works parallel to the medical science where doctors diagnose the problems and then advice medicines to cure the disease.

Astrology Remedial Solutions for various life areas:



What is NLP


Understanding Sub-Conscious Imprints


Understanding Mind Game with the help of NLP


Achieve Your Goals with the help of NLP

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